Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A time for thanks :)

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and my hubby, my brother and I drove down to Colorado to spend the weekend with my family :)
We hopped in the car at 630 in the morning on Wednesday and headed on our way. While driving down, we happened to get a flat tire after 2hrs on the road. Luckily! My wonderful husband and awesome brother knew what to do ;) cuz i have no idea. I sat in the warm car while they got out and changed the tire in the cold. :)
me looking at Jake from inside the car :)
The boys changing the tire

So Thursday morning (Thanksgiving day) I slept in while the boys went and played some football. I was having a wonderful morning hanging out with my sweet little niece Chloe and nephew Brody just eating breakfast when I got the strangest call. Jake's mom calls me and asks "is Highlands Ranch Urgent Care close to you?" first of all, I am SUPER confused...and I respond "um, I think so..." and Karen says "ok good, well I called and gave them all my information for Jake so he shouldn't need anything else." Me: "Jake? why'd you call for Jake?" Karen: "Jake broke his finger" Me: "WHAT?!" Jake walks in the door right as i said that. And I'm like "Jake! you broke your finger and didn't tell me?!" His response was "well, you just woke up when I called and I was going to tell you when I got back." haha. So we spent the morning in an urgent care center getting x-rays and a splint put on Jake's finger.

Jake is ok, he saw a Doctor here in Provo yesterday morning and he is getting surgery on it tomorrow morning to get a pin put in it.
Jake's poor finger

But I am pleased to say that the rest of our weekend was just peachy :) We (us girls) played games and the boys watched football all weekend long while eating leftover turkey.

Brody loves his uncle Jake :)

tired boy
It was fun to have all of my family together for a weekend. I am very Thankful for every one of them. I love you all :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend trip to Colorado

The Doctor I work for decided to go on a cruise the week of Halloween, so I decided to take a little trip to Colorado. :) I really hadn't planned on going because my car probably would have died on the way and I didn't want to take our truck because of the cost of gas and I thought of taking my brothers car, but I don't know how to drive a manual. haha. So my daddy decided to buy me a plane ticket :) I love him.
I left Saturday morning from the Provo airport and got back Tuesday night. We decided to not tell my mom and surprise her! My brother Bo picked me up along with my niece and nephew, while my dad took my mom shopping then over to Bo's house where we met them. They beat us there so me and Chloe snuck through the garage and hid in the closet. (Chloe's game with grandma is for grandma to find her whenever she comes over) So when she opened the closet door we yelled "SURPRISE!" and she screamed. haha. she was happy to see me :)
It was a very fun weekend with my family. We went shopping, hung out and played games, carved pumpkins and went trick or treating! I also helped out with my mom's trunk or treat for her ward, I was in charge of helping the little kids make cupcakes :)
Chloe was my best friend while I was there :) she wouldn't let me leave her side. I am her favorite whenever I come :) Can't wait to see that little girl when we go back for thanksgiving this weekend!
Brody getting into the pans

my bestie Chloe :)

Chloe with Grandma

Carving away at our pumpkins

I love Brody's costume :)

She really wanted me to take a picture of her by this witch. haha

He was getting upset because i wouldn't give him any more candy

Tired Chloe

Back to Reality

So lets see, I haven't posted since we've been back from Houston. I've been busy with being back at work full time and Jake has been busy with school and his coaching internship.

But about a month ago Jake and I drove down to San Clemente, CA to baptize one of his friends he taught on his mission. Took him 5 yrs of investigating but he finally committed to a date! He had a really good relationship with Jake while he was there so he asked Jake to baptize him :) So we hopped in our truck after I got done with work and headed down for the weekend! 
We stayed with a member down there that has a beautiful home! She lives all by herself in that enormous house so she loves having guests stay with her. And we were definitely happy to stay there too. :)
While we were down there we caught up with one of his other mission buddies, went to the beach, went to sea world and got to meet up with my sister for a bit :)
Sea World was AMAZING! Jake had never been before so we had to go! My favorite part was definitely feeding the Sea Lions, I love those guys :)
Here are some pictures from our trip!

On our way! the start of our 10hr drive.

My cute hubby ;)

At the pet show! I liked it, Jake thought it was ok...ha.


Jake and Chris after the baptism :)

so this spider decided to make his web from the tree to the antenna on our truck.

sorry spider, but we had to leave. and you're creepy...
Feeding the Sea Lions!

This dolphin was just posing for me :) and we got to pet one too!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday, the highlight of my day was retrieving the mail. As I was searching through all the coupons and ads, I happened to stumble across the most wonderful ad ever, a free makeup bag with $75 worth of makeup from Ulta when you spend $17 or more! And as you can tell I was preeeetty excited :) 
I told Jake about this deal I found, and like a typical guy he said "do you really need that?"....bah! Of course I do, silly husband. :) 
So my friend Kelli and I headed off on a little adventure to Ulta this morning, and bought $17 of makeup to get our free goodie bag :)
I really was in need of new mascara btw, so this came perfect timing. 

Looksie what I got! :)

Very exciting day if you ask me :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Good day for a Field Trip

Wednesday morning we decided to take a trip to the beach. Jake and Clay are getting a little burned out of work so they needed a little fun :)
We headed down to Galveston, about an hour long drive from where we are in Houston. I was expecting a beach more like California or at least blue water...i was wrong...its pretty brown. And there was a dead rat right next to us...gross. But the water was warm so I can't complain :)
Before heading home we got some lunch at this place called "The Spot", it was pretty good little burger joint. They had very good lemonade. Maybe it's because i drank so much salt water...:) haha. I would like to go there one more time before we head back to Utah and spend more than a couple hours there to get some sun :)

                                                           Here's us a Galveston Beach :)

We kept feeding the Seagulls Pirates Booty. They catch it right out of the air. It was pretty funny to watch.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Monday July the 25th was my daddy's birthday, so I decided to surprise him as a present for him :) I bought my plane ticket about a month in advance, and had my family keep it a secret. My brother Bo picked me up from the airport on Friday because my parents were driving home from Lake Powell at the time. Bo was watching their dogs while they were away so they had to stop by and get them on the way back...perfect right?! As my parents pulled up in the drive way, I ran around back through the side gate and yelled "SURPRISE!!". My dad was VERY surprised, and happy. I thought that would be a good birthday present for him :)
We had a fun weekend just hanging out and playing games together. Poor nephew Brody was sick with a temperature of 105F all weekend though. Bo and Clairissa had a family reunion down in Colorado Springs over the weekend, so Bo stayed home with Brody to take him back and forth to the doctors to get his shots while Clairissa and Chloe went down to the springs with the fam. And we kept Bo and sick Brody company :)
I slept so good this past weekend...I miss my old bed :) But I sure did miss sleeping next to my husband.
Here are some pictures from this weekend :)

                                                       Me and my crazy niece Chloe :)
                                                      The Birthday Boy and my Mom :)
                                                    Bo doesn't like his picture taken...ha
                  Chloe took this picture :) I think she's going to be a photographer when she grows up.
                                       Me and my fat Kitty :) I love him and his fat rolls. haha.

                                       And here's my brother's dog Tonka. He's a good dog :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Blog Ever. :)

So today I decided to write my first blog post! Exciting right?! :) Well let me just tell you whats been going on in our lives since we've been married. 
Jake and I have been married for almost 3 months now, feels a lot longer though really :) but in a good way. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me. :) 
The day after our wedding we hopped on a plane to Cancun, Mexico at 6:00am spent 5 AMAZING days in Playa Del Carmen just laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. We got back around 1:00am at SLC airport then rolled into good 'ole Fillmore about 3:30am. We were both very tired to say the least. The next morning we opened all our wedding presents as if it were Christmas morning! Karen made us pancakes for breakfast while we packed up the truck, which were delicious by the way :) After that we started our LONG trip down to Houston, Texas for the summer. We stopped and stayed at my parents house in Colorado for 2 nights then rolled into Houston after that. 
Jake has been working very hard down here to make some money for us, while I stay home and have dinner ready every night when we comes home. Good deal to me :) I kept busy for the first couple weeks just writing thank you cards till my hand cramped up, and hanging out by the pool with the other sales guys wives :) hard life, i know. haha. But I'll be the working one in the fall when we get back, so I don't feel too bad. 
We don't get to play all that often, but we got to go to Fillmore for the 4th of July weekend and spend time with all his siblings and their families which was fun. It was good to be out of the Texas heat. :) I get to go home to Colorado this weekend for my daddy's 51st birthday so I am pretty excited about that! Shh, don't tell him though it's a surprise ;) 
That's it for now though, I will put pictures up soon and more posts to come!